At the foot of the World Heritage Site of Nakijin Castle
Towering over the scenic land of Nakijin, where the history of the three mountains of Ryukyu persists
The 35 large storage tanks are the symbol of Nakijin Brewery.

Overview of The Ikihito Brewery Company
Company Name Nakijin Distillery Co., Ltd.
Location Head office/factory
500 Nakasone, Nakijin Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0401, Japan
Phone: 0980-56-2611 Fax: 0980-56-4598Ginowan Office
2-15-18 Futenma, Ginowan City, Okinawa 901-2202, Japan
Tel: 098-892-7279 Fax: 098-892-7299
Work 1948 (Showa 23)
Establishment November 14, 2002
Representative Yosuke Oshiro, President and CEO
Email address
Description of business Manufacture and sale of Ryukyu Awamori and liqueurs
Employees 35 (number)
Affiliates Hokuryu Kosan Co., Ltd.

History (Award Winners)
(Showa 23)
Zen’ei Oshiro, the founder of the company, starts a brewing business in Nakijin.
“MARUDAI” was released.
(Showa 34)
Tomi Oshiro was appointed the second president.
Yoshio Oshiro is appointed as the third president.
Trade name changed from “Oshiro Distillery” to “Nakijin Distillery”.
Moved to the current location at 500 Nakasone.
The industry’s first 20-degree awamori.>
Released Mild Awamori “Utsukishiki Furusato 20°”.
(Heisei 1989)
Released “SHIZUKU” and “ZENI-DARU” oak barrel stored awamori.
(Heisei 1993)
Released “SENNEN NO HIBIKI”, a long-matured old-fashioned Awamori
In 2001
(Heisei 2001)
Started production and sales of Moromi Vinegar
(The manufacturing business was later transferred to Hokuryu Kosan.)
(Heisei 2002)
Organization and trade name changed to Nakijin Distillery Co.Ltd;
(Heisei 2003)
Outdoor storage tanks and barrel storage are added.
In 2004
(Heisei 2004)
Storage tank expansion
In 2006
Monde Selection gold medal at the international awards ceremony.
“TENSI NO YUME” 25-degree old sake.
In 2007
Monde Selection gold medal at the international awards ceremony.
Winner of the first prize in the national liquor contest for the Awamori category
“URUWASIKI FURUSATO Tanrei, 30% alcohol
In 2008
10 more outdoor storage tanks
In 2009
Licensed to manufacture liqueurs and started production.
Umemizuki”, a plum wine brewed with old sake, was released.
Winner of the highest gold medal at the international Monde Selection Awards
“SENNEN NO HIBIKI” 43% alcohol.
(Heisei 24)
Yosuke Oshiro is appointed as the fourth president.
In 2016
The industry’s first ever barrel storage award.
Awarded the Okinawa Prefecture Governor’s Prize at the Awamori Awards
“SENNEN NO HIBIKI” 43% alcohol.
In 2017
Awarded the Okinawa Prefecture Governor’s Prize at the Awamori Awards
(Heisei 30)
First-ever warehouse festival held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company’s founding
Renovation of the brewery’s direct sales store was completed.
(Reiwa year)
At the G20 Osaka Summit, “SENNEN NO KAMETUBO 7-year old sake” was served to people from all over the world.
(Reiwa2 years)
Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition (TWSC2020)
Grand Gold Medal .
“SENNEN NO HIBIKI, 43% alcohol.