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Nakijin Shuzo is the only sake brewery in Nakijin Village, and we invite you to learn about the process of making Awamori. You can observe the actual brewing process with the brewery workers and observe the aroma, sounds, and production. Free tasting and sales are available at the brewery’s direct sales store after the tour. We look forward to seeing you at the brewery.

Guide to the brewery tour
Tour fee Free
Time to work About 20 minutes
Touring 13:00-16:00 (weekdays)
Number of visitors 1 to 10 people (1 group)
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays (Year-end and New Year holidays, Obon)
Parking lot 40 cars
How do I apply? Reservation required (reception by phone, e-mail, fax
at least one day in advance) Phone: 0980-56-2611 (weekda
ys 8:00-17:00) Fax: 0980-56-4598 (Pl
ease fill in the desired date, number of people,
time, contact information) E-mai
l: visit application is here (
Remarks If you do not have a reservation, we may refuse the tour.Reception on the day can only be accepted if it is possible to respond.Reservations will be given priority, so please be sure to check by phone.

A beautiful natural village with a long history located on the headquarters peninsula.
In this land blessed with water, Ikihito's famous sake is brought up now.

Ikihito Village, which has an old history, is a beautiful ancient village consisting of kouri Island and the north bank of the headquarters peninsula that sticks out into the East China Sea in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa.
The beautiful natural terrain is high to the south and low north, and the mountains on the south side form the skeleton of the headquarters peninsula with Mt. Otowa (Opadake) at 275.4 meters as the main peak.

Ruins of Ningjin Castle

Registered as a World Heritage Site on December 12, 2000 as "Gusk and Related Heritage Counties of the Ryukyu Kingdom," the ruins of Nguyenjin Castle are a series of castles consisting of eight castles, large and small, and the castle of Kitayamano in the Sanzan period.The third generation, Kitayama Wang Kianchi, is reported to have been attacked and self-harmed by Shounshi by the betrayal of the vice-captain's headquarters Ohara.
The walls, which were said to be insusensable, match the scenic mountains around them, and their strong and gentle beauty captures the hearts of visitors.The large storage tank which rises in the ground of Nakasone at the foot of the homecoming castle now becomes a symbol of the homecoming sake brewing now, and shines remarkually.

Namiki Fukuki

The Fukugi tree-lined trees in Ikihito Village this night are famous for their beauty.Fukuki has been planted around the mansion as a wind-proof forest to protect the house from the wind and rain since ancient times, and it has become a tree-lined tree.In Okinawa, Fukuki is also valued as a "tree that brings happiness and prosperity" and as a raw material for dyes.Now, why don't you walk along fukuki namiki trees that lead to happiness?

Ikihito Village Historical and Cultural Center

A three-story building with a red tile roof, right next to Ningjin Castle Ruins Park.In the first exhibition room, very valuable excavated items such as Chinese celadon, armor, and Chinese ancient goods excavated from Nguyen Gusk are on display.The second exhibition room is "Mura Shima of Ikihito" and the third exhibition room has an exhibition on the theme of "life and culture".When I visit Ikihito Castle now, I want to stop by by all means, and it is a house that is good for you.

Contact: 0980-56-5767

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