The name of the place and the name of the company, “Nakijin

It is also a place name, and it has become a company name "Nakijin"

There are many theories as to the origin of the name, but one theory is that the name comes from a newcomer (Imaki) who moved to the Motobu Peninsula from the north and settled there, and another is that Nakizumi is an old pronunciation of “Nakizumi”, which means “fish”. Another theory is that the old pronunciation of “Nakizumi” is “Nakizumi”, which means a place where fish come and live, or a place where many fish come and stay.

Either way, the name “Nakizumi” is said to have been changed to “Nakijin” as we know it today in the 17th century.

The rich nature, water and air of Nakijin, and the skill and love of the toji, who sincerely cherishes Awamori, are all factors in brewing and maturing the Awamori of Nakijin Shuzo.

There are many Awamori breweries in Okinawa, but Nakijin Shuzo is one of the few that directly bear the name of the place in its name and is supported by great love and pride for the region.

At the foot of the World Heritage Site of Nakijin Castle, located in the scenic Nakijin area where the history of the three mountains of Ryukyu is preserved, the 24 large storage tanks are the symbol of Nakijin Brewery.

Why not end your day with a pleasant old sake drink and contemplate that kind of historical romance?